Membership/Commission Agreement

Agreement for use of the Travel Agent section of this web site:

All information displayed is owned by TransData Inc,. doing business as QuickTransportation. No information on this web site may be copied or used for anything other than the purpose of buying services from QuickTransportation. Any other use or providing of this information to any other persons or businesses is a violation of the use agreement. The user acknowledges as a result of such violation they may be subject to penalties to include but not limited to attorney fees, court costs, and all fees incurred in the collection of damages by QuickTransportation for such unauthorized use.

Commission Agreement:

QuickTransportation operates only on a prepaid basis.

Our wholesale or net rates and the commissions shown* are based upon our being paid, by agency check, before services are provided. If necessary, we will be happy to process your client's payment directly either by check or credit card. A handling fee of 3.5% of the retail price will apply. Commission amounts, when we handle the client's payment directly, are adjusted accordingly.

Commissions are paid on a monthly basis on all transportation services completed prior to the end of the settlement period.

Your check will be mailed along with a statement showing each client’s name, the booking agent's name, and the commission being paid.

*Viewing our current commission amounts requires an authorized UserName and Password. Once your membership application is received, you will have full access to this information.